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Who, Me?

Lover of Golden's, Jesus, Coffee and teas, Frank Sinatra, thrifting, the mountains and of course Photography! I am married to the love of my life, Alex and we have two golden's, Hoyt and Tessa and a grouchy cat named Meeko. I  am one of two hosts on the Humble Hustle Podcast, Major advocate for community and encouraging others to feel joy doing what they love! I specialize in Elopements and Weddings all over the United States! I also love photographing boudoir, families and lifestyle social media content for small business owners! I am so blessed to be a full time Photographer. I have always loved photography since taking film in high school. Something about being able to create and freeze moments in time is so priceless to me. I have been photographing for over 5 years now and I love every second of it. I love serving my clients, making them feel like one of a kind and comfortable in front of the camera. 


        Why , Me? 

I am connection driven! Photos can be intimidating,  I get it. My biggest joy is getting to create moments instead of posing them or simply capturing them in their rare form. Bring a drink, music- whatever makes you comfortable during your session! I make jokes that I cannot promise are funny but you can laugh at me, it's fine. I cannot wait to meet YOU! I do not want to be someone you feel nervous in front of. Consider me a quirky, judgement-free,  friend of yours. When you pay anyone for a service you want to feel like you got something out of right? I have been there. You invest in someone and then you feel iffy about trusting them or feel like it is a business transaction. Life is too short for that, friend. I am here to make you feel welcome and not make taking photos so serious.

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