Your wedding day deserves a fresh and fun start. Leading up to the wedding day, I create a custom timeline that fits in the package you choose. Once I arrive you most likely will get a big hug from me like we have been long time friends. My goal is to start your day with joy and capture actual moments that are already happening instead of posing them. First we start off with your gorgeous details and getting you dressed to marry your best friend looking your best. These images resemble the beautiful moments leading up to seeing each other for the first time. You might be feeling a little nervous or excited at this have snacks and your favorite music playing all around you. You want to make this a relaxing and FUN time for you. Play games, have coffee, drinks, dance around, CELEBRATE. I will be there with all the necessities like a handy cute set of hangers for dresses, emergency sewing kit, tide pens.. we got you! You can also count on me being your constant cheerleader !

A first look is an amazing way to ease the nerves and have a moment alone before joining your family and friends at your ceremony. It also allows you to capture your images prior to your ceremony so you have more time to celebrate at the reception after! Some couples choose to read private vows during this time which is such a fun and personal touch to your day! Having these intimate moments with a photographer present is something you will look back on and never regret! Don't know exactly how to go about seteting up your first look? I help you plan and execute the day of to make this perfect for you! This is also a way to get that desired "elopement feel" on your day. 

Your people are there to root for you and surround you with support- their pictures with you are just as important! Prior to the wedding day we come up with a combination list that guides me through each combination you want with your family and friends!  We choose a gorgeous place to fit in the timeline whether it is at the church or at a park - we make it effortless and fun! This part of your day should not be dreaded and shouldn't take up alot of time. We strive to make it efficient and enjoyable for you ! 

Your Ceremony is here! This part of your day should resemble the two of you. What type of ceremony do you want? Small and intimate or a big event! Whatever it is that you choose we make sure to get every moment from the first time the groom sees you walking down the isle to your family taking it all in. The ceremony is a way to share a time with all of your family and friends where it is focused on the two of you joining lives and families. You can keep it short and sweet or customize your ceremony with music, planting a tree, giving tribute to the ones who cannot be with you or anything that helps bring a piece of each of you to the ceremony! Think about if you want outdoors, indoors or in your church you grew up in ! When considering these things- think about which season you are getting married in and what will give you the aesthetic you are going for!

Your reception is a time to let loose and dance the night away to your favorite tunes! Rceeptions do not have to contain your typical events like dollar dances, cake cutting, tosses etc. you can do fun bridal party games or a dollar dash instead!Develop a good relationship with your DJ and let him know your expectations! Finding the perfect D Jto keep the party going is a must! You rreception is the time to focus on mingling and having fun with eachother! The day goes by so fast. Soak in every single minute of this!  

If you have any questions regarding your elopement or wedding day - contact me below and we can chat about how to make your wedding day reflect the two of you and how to capture it in a way that reflects who you both are as a couple!  choosing a photographer is a BIG decision and who you choose should fit your style and personality! I want to be here for your to make the process fun and enjoyable while getting to know you as a couple and what makes you unique. Hit the chat bubble on the bottom of the page or go to our contact me page and fill out a contact form! I cannot wait to chat with you!