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Hi, I'm Taylor 

You're so loved.

My name is Taylor Reed. The Katina in my business name actually is my middle name!  I have been married for 10 years this year with no kiddos just pets ! I am so passionate about loving others and this business. I believe there is so much more to business than I am driven by connection. Starting this business has been a long journey of ups and downs but most of all a dream come true thanks to my clients and support. I am humbled every day when someone books me, shares my work, or supports me in any way. My driving force behind this business is being authentic, honest, communication, vulnerability, and just being a safe place and person for you. In front of my camera you are loved, safe, seen and valued ALWAYS. I hope and strive for you to leave any interaction with me feeling better about yourself. 

I started building this dream almost 12 years ago! I started in film in high school and carried into digital right outside of high school. Every year I strive to push the boundaries of my creativity and skill. 

There is ZERO judgement with me or in front of my camera. I am so excited to work with you.

5 facts to get to know me better:

1. I love simple living, homesteading, baking and cooking.

2. I LOVE animals. I have two golden retrievers and a cat.

3. I cannot have a moment without music playing. I love everything from Colter wall to Frank Sinatra to Billie Eilish and in between. 

4. My dream is to own an Airbnb in the hills of Wisconsin.

5. I have a Chronic Illness and navigate chronic pain through owning a business which has been the single most important driving factor in my life- I am very honest and open about this journey! 


My personal Journey:

I dealt my whole life with anxiety and depression. Working a corporate bank job was not working for me. I knew what my passion was and I just had no idea how to get to that end goal of working for myself. As my symptoms worsened my drive became stronger. I began to shoot 12 years ago working towards the ultimate goal of being full time and getting to work this job full time  and meet new people and make others feel safe and loved! My chronic illness and mental health played a very real part  in owning my own business and why it became a big drive in wanting to spread joy and compassion to others! We never know what others are going through and that's why you will always be met with kindness. I have learned new techniques in life to help the day to day but a huge help has been photography. I am learning every day how to be better and how to serve better. I like to be very open with this journey because I know it relates to so many clients and friends!

Taylor XX


4 Fun Facts About Me

My husband and I were engaged after 2 months of knowing eachother! We have been together 8 years!

I love my relationship with Jesus 

I love the idea of having a simple sustainable and minimalistic life

I am a coffee and tea connoisseur

Are we clicking?

work with me!

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