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Hi, I'm Taylor 

Nice to meet you!

I love all things photography, you guessed it. BUT there is so much more to this business than I am someone who thrives on connection. Starting this business has been a long journey of bumps in the road but ya'll I am here. DOING THE THANG. I am thankful every day for the clients and friends that support me and keep my calendar jam packed! To get to know me a bit more here are 1random favorites and facts!

I am in the middle of living a simpler life, deleting toxic apps, learning to be more self sustainable by gardening, baking breads etc. 

Favorite shows: old shows like I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith, Gilmore Girls, twilight zone. New shows: Younger, The Office, Emily in Paris, Married at First Sight, Little People Big world.

Favorite Drinks: Miel, Iced chai, hot cider, and Dr. Pepper

Favorite Colors: Nudes, Rust, Black and Olive Green 

Favorite dogs: Goldens

Favorite Music: Classic Frank Sinatra to Billie Eilish to Faron Young. I love it all! 


My personal Journey:

I dealt my whole life with anxiety and depression. Working a corporate bank job was not working for me. I knew what my passion was and I just had no idea how to get to that end goal of working for myself. As my symptoms worsened my drive became stronger. I began to shoot 8 years ago working towards the ultimate goal of being full time and getting to travel and meet new people! It is a very real part that played in owning my own business and why it became a driving factor in wanting to spread joy and compassion to others! I have learned new techniques in life to help the day to day but a huge help has been photography. I am learning every day how to be better and how to serve better. I like to be very open with this journey because I know it relates to so many clients and friends!

Taylor XX


4 Fun Facts About Me

My husband and I were engaged after 2 months of knowing eachother! We have been together 8 years!

I love my relationship with Jesus 

I love the idea of having a simple sustainable and minimalistic life

I am a coffee and tea connoisseur

Are we clicking?

work with me!

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